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With A Listing In 3 Bears Window Cleaning Directory, You'll Be Able to Advertise Your Window Cleaning Business to Prospective Customers In Your Location Searching Online For A Window Cleaner...And it's FREE!




From the Desk of Steve Wright

Wednesday, 10:26 am


Dear Professional Window Cleaner:

First...I'd like to repeat what the headline says above: FREE! So you can let your guard down and relax. Nothing to buy here.

And second, if you already have a website, great. This isn't about interfering with what you already have working online. This is on top of what you've currently got going on. We can all use more customers, right?

So now that I have that out of the way, let's get into a couple of reasons why listing your window cleaning business with 3 Bears Window Cleaning Directory will benefit your window cleaning business.

  1. You'll be part of a directory filled with window cleaners only! No offense to the many other service businesses out there, but wouldn't you rather be listed in a directory that is all about window cleaners? So 3 Bears is not bogged down with any other type of service business that visitors to the directory have to wade through. When a prospective customer comes to 3 Bears Window Cleaning Directory, they're looking for a window cleaner!

  2. Your window cleaning business will be listed in a search engine friendly directory. This is 2008 and if you can't be found online by prospective customers looking for window cleaners in your area, you are losing business. I can't say it any more plainer than that. Postcards, flyers, referrals, and all the other marketing methods you use will certainly benefit you. Absolutely. But what about the folks in your town who crank up their computer to search online for a window cleaner? 3 Bears Window Cleaning Directory to the rescue!

Let's talk some more about benefit #2...

It used to be that when someone wanted to find a window cleaner (or any business for that matter), they picked up the phone book and looked through the yellow pages.  

Not Anymore.

The phone book still serves a purpose, but that's so 1990's. With speedy internet service and super fast computers, many times it's easier nowadays for people to hop online and search for what they want. So my goal when creating 3 Bears Window Cleaning Directory was to create a directory that would do extremely well in the search engines resulting in more customers and jobs for your business.  

I don't expect everyone to fully understand how the search engines work and what they require in order to get top rankings. That's not important. All I'll say is that I've taken the search engine knowledge I've learned over the last 6 years and am applying it directly to 3 Bears Window Cleaning Directory. 

The results so far? Um...well how about 3 Bears Window Cleaning Directory already in the #5 position for the term "window cleaning directory" (without the quotes) in Google. Go to Google and see for yourself.  But that's just one search term. I'm not going to stop until we're at the top of the search engine rankings for hundreds of different terms that searchers might type into the search engines.

Example: If your window cleaning business is in tucson, arizona, how'd you like to display at the top of the search engines when a prospective customer searches online for "window cleaner in tucson"? Or...if you do business in Long Island, New York. How about a nice juicy top ranking whenever someone in Long Island searches for "long island window cleaner"? Think this'll result in more profits and jobs coming your way? You bet!

This is what 3 Bears Window Cleaning Directory is all about. It makes no sense to create a directory where window cleaners can list and advertise their businesses, but provide no way for those businesses to be found when prospective customers are searching online for window cleaners. A lonely listing in a directory ghost town doesn't do you a bit of good and definitely won't bring you in any new customers.

Speaking about "new customers", we just introduced a mighty powerful feature that'll give you even more online exposure! Check this out...

When creating your free Standard listing, you now have the ability to choose 2 additional locations to display your window cleaning business in. So instead of having your business information display in just one city within  the directory as you were limited to previously, you can now have your business display in 3 different cities! This makes it even easier for prospective customers to find you online. Pretty cool, huh?

And we've taken it a step farther by offering you the ability to create a Premium listing on 3 Bears Window Cleaning Directory which gives you your own unique webpage on the directory. You'll even be able to upload a company logo, insert additional services along with a more thorough company description, and create your own "tags" which is simply text (samples provided inside) to get you noticed by the search engines. Wow! No directory anywhere offers this kind of functionality. Oh...and both the Standard and Premium listings are free!

So as you've seen, 3 Bears Window Cleaning Directory is not your typical directory. A lot of research and development time went into creating 3 Bears. I took all the negative stuff from other directories and turned it around to give you the absolute best directory to advertise your window cleaning business in.

Some of the "negatives" would be charging you to list your window cleaning business, or making you or the visitor to the directory jump through hoops which wastes time for everyone. 

Well...for starters, free is the buzzword when you list your business with 3 Bears Window Cleaning Directory. No charge...Ever! I have seen directories offering you a "free" listing, but there are membership dues to join. So it's not really free, right?  

As far as jumping through hoops and wasting your time and the visitor's time when they want a window cleaner fast, you won't find that here. 3 Bears Window Cleaning Directory is all about automation and simplicity.

I actually saw a directory recently which asked you to email them your information in order to list with them. The visitor also had to send an email with a note on which location they needed a window cleaner for and then wait for a reply. That's too much of a hassle for both you and the visitor. With 3 Bears, just register and create your listing automatically. And visitors can simply click through to their city/location in the main directory and find window cleaners they need immediately. Easy...Fast...Convenient!

Another directory I reviewed not too long ago offered visitors a link to click on each "State". So far so good. But when I tested it out and clicked on each of the 18 different "City" links in the State of "Florida", not one single window cleaner was listed in any of the 18 different cities. Not one! If you were interested in finding someone to clean your windows, wouldn't you be a bit annoyed that you clicked on a bunch of links only to find nothing? Of course.

So again...3 Bears Window Cleaning Directory is an example of efficiency in motion. If it can be automated, I'll pay my programmer to automate it. No sense wasting your time, my time, or the visitor's time sending emails back and forth and then forcing 'em to click links that lead to nowhere! We've set it up so that if there are no window cleaners in your city when you create your free listing, a new "City" webpage will be created automatically for you! What this means is that anytime a visitor clicks a "City" webpage in the main 3 Bears directory, there is guaranteed to be at least one window cleaner listed. Ah...the magic of programming.

I could go on and on about the tremendous advantages to listing your window cleaning business in 3 Bears Window Cleaning Directory, but when you create your directory listing, you'll soon see the benefits yourself.

And did I mention that it's free? :o)

I'm sure there are some window cleaners reading this webpage who are wondering what the "catch" is. Nope. No catch. The fact of the matter is that I can create a unique, fully automated, and comprehensive product like 3 Bears, and offer it for free due to the sales of my "How-to" window washing program and my window cleaning software

So without any further delay, I invite you to register and create a FREE listing for your window cleaning business in 3 Bears Window Cleaning Directory.


Sincerely yours,

Steve Wright


P.S. Creating a listing and advertising your window cleaning business with 3 Bears Window Cleaning Directory is one of those no-brainer decisions that come along every once in a blue moon...it's free, the time to create a listing is small, and there are a hoard of benefits to be had by your window cleaning business. Unless you already have more customers than you can handle, go ahead and create your free listing today!

P.P.S. In addition to the search engine benefits you'll receive by listing your window cleaning business in the directory, I'm also going to advertise 3 Bears Window Cleaning Directory in various online resources! So create your listing now because I will leave no stone unturned when it comes to advertising your window cleaning business.

P.P.P.S. As I mentioned above, if you already have a website, great. Then consider a listing in 3 Bears as a bonus. But also keep in mind that just because you have a website, does that mean people will find it online? I've seen a huge number of window cleaning related websites which are not optimized properly for the search engines. So therefore these websites are buried in cyberspace which means that when people are looking online for window cleaners, the websites can't be found. Well...in addition to assisting window cleaners with their businesses over the last few years, I've also studied search engine optimization for the last 6 years, and although search engines regularly tweak their algorithms, all 3 of my products are on the first page of Google for a variety of different keywords. So bottom line...regardless whether you have a website or not, create yourself a free listing in 3 Bears. You WILL see results!


P.P.P.P.S. Please spread the word to all your window cleaning friends that 3 Bears Window Cleaning Directory is accepting free listings. Here is the link to give them: http://www.3bearswindowcleaningdirectory.com. There is absolute power in numbers. Search engines love to see content and activity on a website/directory. Bottom line...the more window cleaners who are listed in 3 Bears, the better it is for all of us. So pass the above web address around to every window cleaner you know.

See you on the inside!



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